Sales are limited to NAFTA

All sales of the Zipit board will be made only to a North American continental mailing address (U.S.A., Canada or Mexico). The Customs paperwork, as well as concerns of RoHS compliance in Europe, as well as other potential legal issues of selling into another country, have forced me to limit the availability of the Addon Board.

I apologize in advance for what may seem an overly restrictive policy or excessive legal concern by me. However, I am not a large corporation and do not wish to become embroiled in the politics of selling overseas. While I would like to help out anyone who shares an interest in the Zipit, my concerns are largely that of foreign businesses being held accountable to local Law and Regulations. While this in itself is as it should be, I am unable to research as to how I would have to comply with these local restrictions.

For those of you in those countries outside of NAFTA who wish to build their own Addon Board, I provide this Gerber board data for you to use.

TopPurchase just the board seperately

I realize that many of you can do your own soldering but the cost of having me install the board is just too high for you to consider. For those of you that are not challenged by precision soldering, I am now offering just the board itself for $35 + $4 shipping & handling.

As with the fully installed option, contact me directly and I will arrange payment through PayPal for the boards. The board will be sent in a padded envelope via USPS Priority Mail. I have put together complete instructions on how to install them.

TopOr, purchase the board installed

The board + installation is USD$70, UPS shipping + handling back to you, within the continental 48 states, would be $10 (contact me for other shipping destination charges). The optional programming cables is $20. I will also Flash the buildroot linux images into the Zipit. When finished, you will have a Zipit that has the 5 wire mod (uploader capable) and microSD card installed.

The serial cable you may elect to build yourself , for it is a simple soldering task, or you may order the pre-made cable.

I will not be installing the EL Backlight, but the necessary power supply will be there in the Zipit and will be tested. The addition of the EL Backlight to the LCD must be physically done by you. It simply takes too long for me to install a backlight and the labor cost would be too high to be attractive.

If you send along a microSD card (Transflash) with your Zipit, I will install the OpenZipit distro onto that card for you, and install the boot kernel into the Flash memory. Without a microSD included with your Zipit, I will put the Buildroot-Zipit into the Flash. Please do not send me a microSD card that is larger than 512Meg. It has been reported to me that there is some problem with cards larger than that. I have not checked to see if it is a format issue (mke2fs) or a problem with the SD module of the Zipit Linux kernel.

TopPayment arranged via PayPal

Please contact me (via the Contact link) to make arrangements to have your Zipit(s) shipped to me and for payment details. I will need to know if you also want the programming cable or not. Then, I will send you a PayPal Money Request for the amount which will also have the shipping instructions for the Zipit.

TopProgramming cable

A pre-assembled programming cable may be ordered for an additional $20.00. This cable has a USB mini-B connector on one end and a DB9 female on the other. A slide switch is mounted in the DB9 connector hood and is used to activate the DEBUG signal to allow for download into the Flash memory of the Zipit.

When not used for programming, the cable can be used as a simple three wire RS232 interface to the Zipit.

If you build your own cable, make sure that you DO NOT use the USB mini-A cable or the 4pin mini-B, they are the wrong connectors! Beware, there are some vendors that are selling what they call a mini-B, but it is not a 5pin cable, it is possibly a mini-A and these vendors are "confused"?!

There are several places that I have seen them advertised for as low as $3.95. Try here: Google search results or this google search phrase. . It must be the 5 pin cable as it is a thinner connector.