Welcome to OpenZipit!

There is more content now! heh I've had some time to spend on the Zipit software and hardware.

This site is dedicated to installing a usable, customizable, Linux operating system on the Zipit. The Zipit does come with Linux pre-installed, but the end-user has been locked out of the unit! :-( Towards this end, many people have taken the Zipit apart and figured out how to build and install your own Linux system into it. Others have taken a deep look into the electronics and have been able to modify the unit to add some features.

This site is not the 'ultimate open Zipit site', it's goal is to provide this information in a more user-friendly way and to promote my interest in the Zipit as both a tool and a toy!

TopThe "Zipit" Technical Details

  • Cirrus EP7312 ARM720T @ 90MHz
  • 320x240 16 level Greyscale LCD
  • Agere 802.11b WiFi chipset
  • 2 MegaByte Flash memory
  • 16 MegaByte SDRAM memory
  • Wolfson WM8751 Stereo DAC audio
  • QWERTY style keyboard
  • other keyboard "function" keys + cursors
  • Two status LEDs: Green + Amber
  • Clam shell design w/cover latch
  • Install Linux w/modification to the unit
  • An RS232 Serial Port may be added
  • A miniSD Card may be added
  • An EL Backlight may be added